Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My surrogate family

I've been incredibly blessed to have quite a few surrogate family members in my life. The Platts were basically my local grandparents and their daughter, my mom's life long friend Joanie, couldn't be more of an aunt to me than if we were legally related.

Another portion of my surrogate family is the McEntee clan. My best friend, Kate, has generously shared her family with so many people that many of us are now known as "Schmcentees" - not quite McEntees, but close. Kate and I have known each other almost since creation began and her parents definitely took on the role of surrogate parents in my life. Yes, I have my own parents, but the McEntees definitely had a hand in influencing the person I've become. Kathy always knew exactly what to say to raise my spirits or encourage me in just the right way. The McEntee home was safe; in high school when I heard the 1st Gulf War began, I made a bee line for the McEntee home. I was scared because one of my brothers was in the Persian Gulf and I needed a place that was filled with faith, support, and encouragement ... that place was the McEntee home. Kathy and Dick McEntee personified partnership in life; they supported each other, shared and incredible faith, worked tirelessly raising their children and fighting for causes that were near and dear to their hearts. I admire the way the McEntees interracted with each other; I never heard a cross word between them. Instead, I only recall laughter, proclamations of faith, and mututal support. The McEntees are a true role model for my marriage to Eric, as well as my ongoing journey of faith. Kathy joined the angels in January 2008 and I'm incredibly saddened to know that Dick will most likely join her soon. I know my saddness is selfish - it will hurt when he's gone... it will be devestating to people I love and I hurt for them knowing the saddness they will have to endure. One bit of consolation is we couldn't ask for better people than the McEntees to watch over us from above.

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Kate said...

Finally got a chance to read this. Very beautiful. We love you very much!

And Mom and Dad are surely watching out for you and your gang.