Monday, May 3, 2010

Ahhh... the things she says

Yesterday while rough housing in our living room with Eric, Annika announced that she needed to take off her pants. We told her that she needed them on to stay warm. She responded with, "I need to take off my pants so I can see better." Ummm.. yeah. Apparently, the glasses, contact lenses, and laser surgery paths are bunk and all people need to do is take off their pants. We were laughing too hard at her comment to stop her from ditching her sweats. Annika: 1, Parents: 0.

Later in the day, Eric and Annika were playing dress up. She put on her pink tutu and announced to me that she was wearing a silly skirt. I told her that it was called a tutu. She corrected me and told me it is a skirt. (I know her internal monologue was something along the lines of, "that poor old woman. She doesn't even know what a skirt is!") I tried to explain that the kind of skirt had a special name and it was "tutu." Annika then proceeded to repeat the skirt's name: "choo choo." Close enough! :)

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