Monday, April 5, 2010

New pictures

It is so hard to believe that Conor has been with our family for a week already. Since his arrival, we've quickly discovered that he is a very snuggily baby and Annika is very keen on helping us take care of him.

On Saturday, we had our follow-up photo session with the same photographer who took our prenatal family pictures. This time, Jamie came to our house to take pictures of our family; our last session with her was at a local beach. She took pictures of our entire crew, but definitely focused on capturing Conor in all of his cuddily baby splendor. Annika was VERY intrigued with the beanbag chair that Jamie brought as a prop... I think a trip to Target is in our future so Annika can have one of her own. We are very excited to see the images that Jamie captured; will share some as soon as we see them (stay tuned).

We have, unfortunately, realized that our family has established a tradition that we'd like to break .... that tradition is being sick on holidays. Last Halloween, Annika had the flu. Last Christmas, the three of us were incapacitated with nasty colds that resulted in us canceling all of our holiday plans. Yesterday (Easter), Annika wound up with a tummy bug that seems to have carried over into today. A holiday without germs and general yuck would be a welcome change! That said, a yucky tummy didn't stop Annika from enjoying the fun items in her Easter basket, however.

Annika modeling some of her Easter goodies

Conor taking a snooze in his swing

The Olson Four

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