Friday, December 11, 2009

Lunchtime shopping experience

During lunch, I popped to Kohl's to find a necklace to wear to Eric's company party tomorrow and to see if they had any maternity sweaters. A few helpful clerk assisted me during my jewelry hunt (she rocked) and I wound up with two options to try with the dress. After the jewelry success, I headed upstairs to the maternity section - that term is used VERY loosely. First of all, infant clothes were located under the sign that read "Maternity". After about 5 minutes of searching, I found a clerk who pointed me in the "right" (substitute WRONG) direction. She said that the maternity clothes were on the wall behind the infant clothes. A note to that clerk - infant clothes are on the back wall of infant department. Just FYI, lady! I finally found a rack of clothing hidded in the intimates department that had maternity clothes mixed in with nightgowns and pajamas. Really?? Seriously?? The one thing that made the whole adventure worthwhile was the fact I found not one but two maternity denim mini skirts on the rack. That hit my funny bone so hard that I might need an x-ray. Seriously! A denim maternity mini skirt. Apparently, those bad boys were aimed at a MUCH younger pregnancy age bracket than the one I'm in. Thank you, Kohl's, for the laugh .... wish I also could have found a sweater. On an up note, the laugh was free (aside from the wasted time) and a sweater would have come with a price tag.

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