Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Definitely not warm out there

Today on my way to work, the radio announcer said today is the coldest day in Western WA on record for 2009. That definitely deserves a "BRRRR!!!!" Some places are in the single digits .... Olympia and Shelton are both at 9 degrees. Spokane (while not in western WA, but still deserves a mention) is at 2 degrees. That makes Seattle's 21 degrees sound downright balmy! We're quite fortunate that it has been dry lately, so we aren't dealing with icy roads, which is definitely a good thing!

Last night, we decorated our Christmas tree. It was the first time Annika participated in the practice. At first, she wanted nothing to do with it... that was until Eric showed her a Tigger ornament. Then, she was all over the idea of decorating. The funny part is she wanted to put every ornament in the exact same spot. So, after she hung an ornament and returned to the bin for a new one, I had to relocate the previously placed ornament so there was room for the next one she brought to the tree. She really liked hanging the colored glass ball ornaments - they were definitely her favorite. It was such a treat to watch Annika really begin to realize that this is an exciting and festive time of year. Until now, the idea of holidays and birthdays really didn't sink in, but that is all beginning to change for her. As parents, Eric and I are noticing a renewed childlike excitement because of knowing what Annika will experience as more and more understanding creeps into her busy little brain.

Latest quotes from Annika:
"WOW! Cool!" (While using her new coloring book and markers from the DeWeese family)
"I gode it" (Translation = "I got it.")
"Omen it" (Translation = "Open it.")
"Rhonsanarurus" (Translation = "Rhinoceros")
"Abadaba" (Translation = "Abracadabra" ... Eric showed her "magic" tricks recently)
"Juggo, Daddy!!" (Translation = "Daddy, juggle the mandarin oranges again!!!"

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