Monday, February 5, 2018

4th Grade Auction Project

Each year, our kids' school hosts an auction and class projects are auctioned off (in addition to other itemms!). For the past number of years. we have volunteered to help one of our kids' classes with their project. This year, we helped the 4th grade (aka Annika's class) with their project and I am proud to announce that we finished it this weekend. (insert round of applause here) It was an all-hands-on-board project for the Olson Four.

I take no credit for the initial idea; I found a similar cross on Pinterest. That said, we put our own spin on the project. I had the 4th graders identify words or phrases found in the Bible that meant something to them. Last weekend, Eric cut 3x3 blocks (curly maple, cedar, and padauk) and came up with the overall design. After Eric and the kids sanded the blocks, I used a wood-burning tool to write the kids' Bible references (or excerpts from them) onto the blocks. (In all honesty, I expected the burning to be an easier and faster process.... major props to people who burn designs into wood as a hobby!) This past weekend, Eric glued the blocks together and got them mounted onto a piece of plywood. Last but not least, he and I put teak oil on it to bring out the grain, color, and words. Today, the cross went to the kids' school and is in the very capable hands of the auction coordinators.

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