Thursday, January 18, 2018

Conor's Two-fer Funnies

This afternoon was a true treat for me. Why? Because Conor said not one, but TWO, highly entertaining things within only a few minutes apart. It's like seeing a double rainbow up in the sky ... except funnier ... and cuter.

As I was tying Conor's shoe when I picked him up from school, Conor's buddy Theo decided to try doing the splits next to us and wanted Conor to notice how well he was doing. I told Theo he was doing a great job and Conor said, "You get that stretchiness from me. I'm your best friend, so it makes sense, you know." (I was beyond grateful to be looking at his shoe at that very moment so he couldn't see my smile and the tears in my eyes caused by the pain of holding in my laughter.)

The kids and I have been playing a car game lately called The Great Out-of-State License Plate Game. (Clever rhyming, eh??) We inherited a wooden map of the US (thanks, Hall family!) that has a small wooden block on each state with its name. On the flip side of the block, is a picture of the state's license plate. As we see an out-of-state license plate while we are out and about, the kids get to flip over that state's block. It passes the time and helps them learn a little geography. Today, I was behind a car with New Hampshire plates. When we were in the car after school, I mentioned to Conor that he could flip another block. I told him the state name and approximately on where on the map to find New Hampshire. (We saw a Maine license plate recently, so was able to use that as a reference point.) When he found the state on the map, Conor exclaimed, "I found it! New Hampster!"

Yup, I'm still smiling! :)

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