Wednesday, November 1, 2017

All Saints Day 2017

For the past few weeks, Conor's class has been studying the saints. As is tradition for the 2nd grade at our kids' school, each student picks a saint, researches that person, and then dresses up as that saint for the all-school mass on All Saints Day.

Conor chose St. Francis of Assisi, partially because he loves animals and partially because his friend Ollie didn't know any saints other than St. Patrick (which was Conor's 1st choice due to his Irish heritage). Conor learned all about St. Francis' life, his kind works, and his feast day.

Not only did Conor research St. Francis of Assisi and dress like him, he also helped his class lead mass today. He was the person who welcomed everyone to mass and, I must say, he did a fantastic job!! Don't believe me?? Watch below! :)

During mass, Fr. Armando asked the kids about their various saints, and each one did a fantastic job pointing out a fact or two about their respective saints. I love how these kids are unaffected by speaking in front of the entire congregation with such enthusiasm! After mass, I took photos of the class, both as a group and individually. So proud of this group and so impressed with the love of learning and the patience their teachers exudes on a daily basis!!!!

When Annika was in 2nd grade, she researched and dressed as St. Elizabeth Anne Seton. (I just realized after scrolling back through the blog that I never posted a photo of her in costume ... probably because she broke her arm 2 days later and that quickly became our focus. So, better late than never, here is Annika from her 2nd grade class' All Saints Day project.)


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