Monday, October 9, 2017

Geocaching with Conor

Just over a week ago, Conor and I decided to go on a little date while Annika was with her robotics team at Geek Girl Con and Eric was futzing around at home. This time of year, we need to take advantage of sunny days, ya know!

Because I was still deeply embedded in surgery recovery mode, I opted for (what I thought) was a fairly benign geocache for us at Carkeek Park. Umm... I thought wrong.

We encountered some serious elevation changes and off-the-path bushwhacking along the way. It also took MUCH longer than I expected to find the geocache because the compass didn't come in very handy when it came to avoiding drastic drop-offs and thorny bushes we didn't want to walk through. (Yes, we are rather non-daring in that regard.) That said, we did discover some new parts of the park that we hadn't been to before and had some spectacular views along the way.

My geocaching buddy

Conor reading the carvings in the lookout rail

"Mama! Stop! This is a great picture place."

"I'll sit here so you can take my picture."

"Mama!! This rock is a good sitting place. My legs are tired.
And you can take my picture while I rest."

Geocaching Selfie

Look what we found!

Opening the geocache

His nautical pose???

My sweet boy

After we found our geocache, plucked a goody from the case, and added a new goody to the stash, we meandered back down the hill and wandered over to the beach. Why? Because Conor was very sweet to point out that "Water is your favorite thing to see, Mama. We should go to the beach because it makes you happy." (What a guy!) It didn't hurt that he also wanted to play in the sand and throw rocks into the water! We founds lots a rocks (a few came home in his pockets ... shocker!), played on a driftwood teeter totter, watched the wind surfers, and waved at a passing train. A good day, you betcha!!

Teeter tottering on the beach

The saddle of this log made for some neat waves

"Mama, now I'll take your picture" (photo credit: Conor)

Hanging out on the bridge over the railroad tracks

Beautiful Puget Sound and Carkeek Beach

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