Thursday, August 10, 2017

Blackberry Picking and Conor's Funny

Part of Annika's 10th birthday was spent walking up and down the Urban Trail on a hunt for blackberries.

The kids and I were each armed with a 1-gallon plastic bag for our blackberry haul... and boy, did we have a haul. In about an hour, we wound up with 6 pounds of blackberries! We are quite the berry-picking trio, if you ask my humble opinion.

While were were among the berries, vines, and thorns, I figured we'd done a thorough job picking in our current ares, so suggested we move down to another section along the trail. Conor replied, "Why? Do you think there are berries down there, too?" I explained, "Yup! I'm pretty sure there will be. Let's go look." His response? "Mom ... that was a RHETORICAL question." (Lord help us all!)

Conor evaluating the berries

Our little berry pickers

Annika was very happy to go off of the beaten path for some good berries

Pickin, pickin, just keep pickin

You KNOW I had to make a pie!! 

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