Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Conor is 7!

Last night, we put our 6-year-old little boy to bed. This morning, he woke up as a 7-year-old!

When I stop to think about all that has occurred over the past 7 years, I find myself trying to figure out how so much time has flown by and how it is possible that Conor hasn't always been a part of our daily lives .... such an integral part of our family.

Seven years ago today, contractions woke me up just a bit after 3 AM. Soon after 4, I woke up Eric to let him know we'd need to get to the hospital fairly soon. At 4:30, we called our dear friend Dave (God bless you, dear man!) asking him to come over and stay with Annika (who was sound asleep through all of this) until my mom could drive up from Tacoma. We arrived at the hospital around 5 and welcomed our baby boy at 6:13 AM.

From that moment on, we know our family was made whole. This little boy has been a bundle of energy from the first moments. He is cuddily, frighteningly smart, witty, musical, and competitive to his core. Each day, he amazes us. He wears his feelings right on his sleeve and believes no day is complete until he's had a snuggle with either Eric or me. (And we wouldn't have it any other way.)

The past 7 years have been a wonderful adventure and we cannot wait to see how life unfolds for our little man. He has countless adventures ahead of him and we know he will take them head on with verve and busy feet.

We love you, Conor!! Yesterday, today, and always!

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