Friday, February 10, 2017

Snow Days for the Olsons

On Sunday as I sat on the bleachers at the local pool and watched the kids in their diving class, I heard a mom down the bench say it was snowing outside. Wha??? Apparently, I had been out of the weather loop because I had no clue that snow was even a possibility.

As it turned out, it was a major possibility that wound up giving the kids two days off from school this week. The extra days off from school were filled with snowman making, snowball fights, snow angels, and some much-needed relaxation for the kids. They kicked back and enjoyed a slower pace for a bit, which was appreciated considering the break neck speed life has been traveling for the past few weeks.

Eric and Conor watching the snow fall

Winter gear, schminter gear.... who needs boots and a coat when you have a hat and PJs??

Pretty backyard trees

Showing off our snow accumulation

Happy snow boy

Annika putting a bit of a scientific spin on the snowfall

The scientist and her assistant

Snowballs are about to fly

Snow angel

Even Buca got in on the snow fun

Snowball fight

Our pretty front yard tree covered in snow

Hey Buca, you have a little something on your nose

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