Friday, November 4, 2016

An Evening at Carkeek

Yesterday, we had the luxury of clear weather after many recent days of rain, rain, rain, and some more rain. As I drove to the kids' school from my bus, I had an "ah ha" moment .... this would be a perfect opportunity to snap some photos of the kids for our annual Christmas card photo. So, I swooped in, nabbed the kids, high tailed it home, got their clothes changed, and out we went to Carkeek.

The kids had a marvelous time running around, climbing on the various pieces of driftwood, and spending time outside. They suffered through their mother's relentless attempts at getting a picture for the Christmas card. (Yes, I am that mean.)

I was quite surprised (although, shouldn't have been considering the weather) by how many people were at Carkeek. There were lots of families there letting their kids run and burn off energy, too. (Smart!)

The kids see Carkeek as their stomping grounds and look their "their" pieces of driftwood from the last time we were on the beach. In their typical fashion, they also moved some of the driftwood around to better suit their needs ... this time, they built a driftwood teeter totter.

Carkeek is one of my favorite places, too. The sight of the Olympics paired with the Puget Sound calms my soul and helps me feel centered.

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay too, too long because homework and dinner were needing our attention at home. That said, we did take a few minutes to stand on the railroad bridge to watch a commuter train zip by below us.

On our way out of the park, we saw something new ... red chairs of varying sizes. One of them was HUGE ... think "Incredible Shrinking Woman" huge. OF COURSE, we had to stop the car and take a look. There was a sign nearby asking for people to submit their photos to the artist, but nothing asking people to stay off of  the chairs. SO, up they went!!

Conor lending a helping hand

Annika determined to help Conor up

Jumping down from the big red chair

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