Monday, July 11, 2016

Conor "Gummy" Olson: aka Tooth Exodus 2016

A few weeks ago, Conor had 5 (yes, FIVE) loose teeth. Crazy, right?? 

Over the past 10-ish days, three of those teeth have come out: I pulled the first one, Eric pulled the second one, and Conor wiggled the third one out last night. As each tooth went the way of the do-do bird, so increased his toothless lisp. 

Pretty sure the boy is going to have to go on a puree-only diet if he keeps up this rate of tooth loss!! 

That said, his holey smile makes my heart giggle with glee, so will happily give him applesauce and soup until his new teeth make their debut! He's having a marvelous time drinking through straws that now (conveniently) have lots of holes to fit through... in fact, he's going through straws so fast that I need to add them to the grocery list. (Note to self: add straws to the grocery list! Oh ... and paprika! The paprika has nothing to do with his teeth... I just don't want to forget to get it!)

The Tooth Fairy is going to have to take out a loan before long at this rate! Fortunately, our weekend camping trip wiped him out, so it didn't take long for him to fall asleep last night ... making for a slightly earlier night for the Tooth Fairy. Gratefully. The Tooth Fairy was tired, too! :)

Bye-bye tooth #4

And goodbye to you, tooth #5

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