Thursday, June 30, 2016

Conor's 3rd Tooth

Well, it looks like the Tooth Fairy will make another stop at our house tonight! When he woke up this morning, Conor had 5 loose teeth.... now it is down to 4 wiggly ones and 1 new hole!

Once Conor announced that he wanted to see if the tooth would come out, the kids and I jumped into gear. Conor grabbed about 2 inches of dental floss, which Annika quickly deemed too short (she was right!), so I snagged a much longer length and whipped up a tooth lasso. Annika grabbed a paper towel, and Conor popped over to the freezer for some post-pulling ice. Thankfully, I thought to take a quick "before" picture prior to giving the tooth a tug.

To be honest, I wasn't 100% sure if the tooth was ready to come out, but he wanted to give it a try. Good thing we did! It practically popped out on its own. More than anything, I think the floss lasso kept the tooth from flying out of his mouth!

One step closer to being a big kid!



He was so excited that he even wanted to send a video announcing the lost tooth to Eric, who had already left for work. Big news, Daddy! :)

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