Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Heatwave

Usually, April is a cool, wet month for us here in Seattle. This week was the antithesis of that traditional weather. We had HOT weather... I'm talking record-breaking weather multiple days in a row. We hit 91 degrees on Monday... IN APRIL!!! (Right ... global warming is a myth!)

Annika and Conor LOVED the premature heat and gleefully donned their swimsuits and took to playing in the backyard sprinkler. They giggled, splashed, jumped, played with squirt guns, slung mud, and cooled off with true childhood verve.

When the sun began to set and we called the kids inside, we were greeted with a chorus of "Ahhh!!! So soon?? Not yet!!" (Mind you, we weren't rushing them in and out of the sprinkler. They'd been outside for probably an hour and a half!)

Conor enjoying the sprinkler

I guess he can't be considered a hot head anymore!

Buca even got in on the sprinkler action!

Annika easing in to the water
Conor's new sport: sprinkler skateboarding

Annika flying through the water
Future Olympic sport: sprinkler sprinting

"Wow! Cold water!"

And now time for the squirt guns
(amazingly, the camera and I escaped  unscathed!)

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