Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Funny Kid Quotes

Funny Thing 1: A few days back, Annika told me that she think she's ready for her First Communion at church. I reminded her that she still has more studying and preparing to do (aka her "Fr. Fred homework), especially the Act of Contrition, which she'll need to know for her First Reconciliation, which will take place before her First Communion. To that, she responded, "The Act of Nutrition? What's that?" There are times when I can stifle laughter to save the kids from feeling embarrassed or self conscious ... this was not one of those times.

Funny Thing 2: This morning, I was working from home as Conor ate his breakfast. I realized I needed to record a sentence for the current video I'm working on. In hopes of avoiding Conor interrupting the recording, I told him that I needed to record for a minute and asked if it was still OK for me to use his room (aka, my home recording studio). He said, "Sure Mama! You can use my room, but make sure you clean up when you're done." (Pot, meet kettle!)

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