Monday, October 19, 2015

Conor's Band

This weekend, Conor and I were in the car when the following conversation took place:

Conor: Mama? Is there a band called The Love Handles?

Me: (trying not to giggle) No, Sweetie. I don't think there is a band called The Love Handles.

Conor: There should be. Isn't that a good band name? The Love Handles!

Me; Yes! It is a great name for a band. You're very clever to think of it.

Conor: I didn't think of it. There is a band called The Love Handles. But I think they broke up, so you should get them back together.

Me: So, I'm supposed to get The Love Handles back together?

Conor: Yes. So they can play music together again.

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