Monday, September 21, 2015

Annika's First 2nd Grade Soccer Game

This Saturday, Annika and some of her classmates donned their black soccer uniforms, tied their cleats, adjusted their shin guards, and took on the 2nd grade soccer team from St. Luke's.

We had an 8:00 game, which actually worked out really well (not in terms of fatigue levels, but in terms of the weather). We didn't see a single drop of rain during the game; the weather held off until we were packing up and driving out of the school's parking lot. Talk about luck!

Our kids really inspired me. They had a great time during the game and rarely were without smiles on their faces. It was incredibly infectious to see how much fun they were having. During halftime, one of the kids said he thought the other team had scored more goals, to which another student said, "We don't keep score in 2nd grade. It is all about having fun and I'm having fun!" (WOW!!)

This was the first time our kids played on a compressed sand field and did that ball ever fly on that surface!! They did a lot of running just to keep up with the ball.

The kids cheered for each other, helped each other, and worked together really well. SO proud of our Panthers for showing what having fun and teamwork are all about.

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