Monday, August 3, 2015

Sunday at the Pool

With Annika's new found love of diving, we are now spending an hour and 45 minutes at the local pool each Sunday. She's taking the diving class, drop-in diving instruction, and her regular swimming lesson ... all back to back. I'm tired just thinking about it!

Yesterday, the kids and I headed to the pool in time for Annika's dive class, which meant Conor had an hour and fifteen minutes to sit around and wait for his class. He was an absolute trooper!! He watched his tablet for a bit, but was more interested in watching the kids dive and even took videos of Annika when it was her turn to dive. Talk about a supportive little brother!!

Annika did a great job during her dive classes. She listened attentively and eagerly applied what she was taught to her next dive. She did pencil dives (feet in first), forward dives, and backward dives. Each time, she popped her head out of the water with a huge smile on her face. It was really fun to watch.

Forward dive

Another forward dive

Backward dive

After over an hour of patience, Conor was anxious for his chance to have some fun in the pool and when he had the green light to get in the pool, he eagerly hopped in and got to work on his crawl stroke, "blast offs", and back stroke. His skills are really taking shape and his crawl stroke is really impressive!

 Unfortunately, his penned up energy from watching Annika for so long seemed to get the better of him... he had a marvelous time splashing water when he wasn't supposed to and got pulled out of the pool. (Whoops) My thinking is maybe he and whichever parent is on pool patrol can do a little recreational swimming while Annika is in her dive class... it'll help him work off some energy before his class begins. Plus, it's fun to go swimming!! :)

Conor listening to his teacher

Conor getting his blast off arms right

Conor practicing his blast offs

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