Monday, April 27, 2015

Conor's Weekend Surprise for Us

Yesterday morning, Eric and I were slowly waking up and could hear the pitter-patter of little feet upstairs. We knew that Conor would soon be in our room to let us know he was awake... about a minute later, that's exactly what happened. What was about to happen, however, was definitely not on our radar.

Conor came into our room with a surprise for us ... he brought us drinks (a beer for Eric and a hard cider for me)  and breakfast in bed (1/4 of a pancake each  in a bowl). Conor decided to surprise his entire family with breakfast in bed and took it upon himself to do all of the prep.

He found only one pancake in the fridge (leftovers from the day before), so cut it into 4 even parts, microwaved it, and even topped it with some syrup. He knew the milk container was too full for him to successfully pour the milk into cups, so he opted for drinks that wouldn't spill (hence, the 7:30 AM cocktail hour attempt ... and, no, we didn't drink them ... they went back into the bar fridge).

After he served us our food, he and Eric took Annika's breakfast to her, so she could enjoy the treat of breakfast in bed.

Not only did Conor show amazing kindness and thoughtfulness, he also showed great problem solving and reasoning skills. So amazingly proud of our little guy!!

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