Monday, March 16, 2015

Annika's 1st Grade Leprechaun

As she was sitting at the kitchen table working on her leprechaun trap for school, Annika (once again) expressed her excitement to find out what mischief her class' leprechaun would be up to in the days leading up to St. Patrick's Day.

She also pointed out that the class' leprechaun has a name. When I asked her what the leprechaun's name is, she replied "Damn it!" and happily continued gluing popsicle sticks and gold coins from the craft store to her leprechaun trap.

I'm fairly certain my eyes bugged out and my face contorted as I tried not to laugh at her recollection of the name. That said, I was pretty darned sure that her 1st grade leprechaun's name isn't Damn It.... especially at a Catholic school!

I explained to her that the name probably wasn't "Damn It" because those aren't nice words and that it was be akin to the leprechaun being called "Shut Up." Fortunately, Eric happened to be at his computer and was reading the weekly newsletter. He piped up, "Annika, your class' leprechaun is named Dominic."

Without missing a beat or looking up from her project, she said, "Dominic? Oh.... I was close!"

Damn It, Dominic
Tomato, Tomahto

Annika and her leprechaun trap

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