Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Annika's school talent show performance

Last Wednesday while I was volunteering in her classroom, Annika told me she wanted to participate in the school's annual talent show and the deadline to sign up was that day at noon. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute!) I asked her what talent she'd like to perform and she was unsure, so I suggested standing on her head (she's really good at it and no practice required ... unlike last year's violin solo). She liked the idea, so I signed the permission slip and all was good.

Fast forward to today, the big show. I am so grateful that the school's talent show falls on my work from home day! I am so impressed (and entertained) by the kids who decided to perform. There were everything from magic tricks, gymnastics and hip hop routines, jokes, singing, and head standing.

Without further ado... I present Annika!!

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