Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 Recap

I figured that I should write our Thanksgiving recap before posting about our zoo lights outing (which was tonight). Gotta keep these things in some sort of order, or else what do we have? Blog chaos? I shutter at the thought. :)

This year, we did as we've done the past few Thanksgivings. We hopped in the car, boarded a ferry, and spent a lovely holiday on Whidbey with Eric's parents. Just like last year, they also invited my mom and Troy/Staci's crew. I love a lot about Eric's folks ... really, they are some of my favorite people, but one of their shining traits is their broad definition of family, which I share wholeheartedly. They see family as a ripple effect ... I married Eric over 13 years ago, making me family. With me came my side of the family, and they are seen as family (the loud, Irish side that they may not have bargained for, but here we are!)

We arrived early morning (gotta beat those ferry lines, you know) and quickly got to work prepping for the day's big meal. I began making pies (pumpkin, pecan, and apple/cranberry) as soon as my coat was off. Jack had smoked a turkey for us to snack on during the day  (world's best father-in-law!) which all of us gladly did and then Karen roasted a turkey for dinner (seriously, she makes a turkey that puts most turkeys to shame and don't even get me started on her gravy!). Once my pies were in the oven, I was able to be a bit more social and help wrangle the kids.

Annika, Conor, and Ian spent a good chunk of the day playing outside and building up their appetites for dinner. They rode on scooters, explored the property, and honed their sidewalk chalk skills. All the while, the dogs kept an eye on them in hopes the kids would throw a ball that the dogs could happily fetch.

We timed our dinner around that evening's Seahawks game. Dinner was set at 4, so we'd have plenty of time to eat before kick-off at 5:30. Dessert was scheduled for halftime. Oh, what a meal we had!! I think we could have fed the third battalion with the amount of food we had! My mom made the dinner rolls; Troy made Brussel sprouts with cranberries; Jack/Karen provided the turkey, creamed onions, mashed potatoes, and stuffing; and we provided the cranberry sauce and yams/apples (or as Eric calls them "Yucks and apples") and pies.

As planned, we finished dinner and cleaning up in time to watch the Seahawks tromp on the San Francisco Santa Clara 49ers. (Go Hawks!) We all cheered until we were practically oxygen deprived. Our team played well, and I'm sure part of their success was based on us yelling for them from afar.

After the game wrapped up, we all hit the hay... our tummies full of Thanksgiving dinner, our hearts full of love for our family, and our minds full of wonderful images of our Hawks playing a great game. The next morning, we ate breakfast as a family, packed up our gear, and headed to our respective homes. (And I'm sure Jack and Karen sat for quite some time enjoying the peace and quite that returned to their home once my loud side of the family departed.) ;)

Thank you to our gracious hosts. We had yet another amazing holiday and feel so blessed to have shared it together.

My apologies in advance ... I hardly took any photos this year. MANY people (ok, most people) weren't subjected to my normal paparazzi photo style)

Troy being ... well, Troy 


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