Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last Night's Advent Treat

Ever since December 1st, our kids have had the nightly ritual of opening an Advent calendar drawer. In order to tie in our family heritages (heriti?? herituses??), we started attributing the goodies in the drawers to the house nissen. (House nissen are the traditional protectors of a family farm/home and is credited for giving children gifts at Christmastime.) After the day's goodies are discovered, the kids make sure to thank the house nissen for the treat ... and then run off to relish in their new-found goodie.

Our kids take turns opening the Advent calendar drawers and then share the goodies inside. Last night, the house nissen left the kids stick-on mustaches. They were beyond a hit!! The package had enough for all of us to sport a fuzzy upper lip and, boy, did we get a case of the giggles wearing them.

We looked as if we were the love children between Magnum PI and Super Mario Bros!

(Please pardon the photo quality ... the room was dark and I only had my phone's camera handy.)

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Maeve's Momma said...

You guys have a nissen? That's so cool! We are inviting in a Tomte this year. :)