Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wow, what a full Christmas in the Olson home!

It all started off on Christmas Eve day. Annika and I baked cookies for Santa. After that, Bestemor and Bestefar came down from Whidbey to spend the night with us. We decorated cookies, played cards, and enjoyed spending time together. We had our traditional breakfast for dinner (this year, we had blintzes), went to church (it was packed), and read Twas the Night Before Christmas before putting out milk and cookies for Santa. We must have been good this year, because Santa brought us lots of wonderful presents.

After our morning of unwrapping, we started prepping for our Christmas dinner. I planned on us eating at 3:00 and I served up the first plate at 3:02 ... talk about a Christmas miracle!! We were joined by Uncle Troy, Aunt Staci, cousin Ian, cousin Kat, Nana, and our friend Nicole. We ate our fill (and then some) and enjoyed celebrating such a sacred and festive day together.

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa

Annika's new doll (Martha)

Playing cards

Conor wearing his new sweater that Bestemor made

Conor being "helpful"
Annika exploring her artistic side
Annika shared her new hair bow from Santa with Conor .... boy, will he be embarrassed by this photo in a few years!
Annika and Conor playing

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