Saturday, October 16, 2010

Updates from us

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted! Boy, am I a slacker or what?? (no comment from the peanut gallery!)

I'm sitting in our house listening to the furnace kick into gear for the first time this fall. How it has become mid-October, I don't know, but here we are.

Our family has been very busy with the riggors of day-to-day life. Annika is now thriving at her new preschool; she had a bit of a rough transition (lots of tears when being dropped off each day) but now is happy as a clam and has found her place at her new school. Her teachers are wonderful and we feel like this is a great learning environment for her. Yesterday, she came home with her paperplate scarecrow from art class (see below) and a poem (with hand motions) to go with it - beyond adorable! Annika is also taking another gymnastics class through the Seattle Parks and Rec department; the girl was born to flip and run. She LOVES "naxtics" class.

Conor is growing like a weed. He has his 6-month check up today. We are VERY curious to know how much he weighs. I'm starting to consider wearing one of those backbraces that professional movers wear when I carry him around. Conor is now sitting up unassisted, rolling like a champ, and has figured out how to scoot himself along the floor like an inchworm. He is (mostly) enjoying the world of solid foods. He's eating pears and apples (his favorites, as well as peas, bananas, turkey, and sweet potatoes (not his favorite, but he'll eat them when they're mixed with apples or pears). He has also started snacking on MumMum crackers (see video below).

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