Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our visit to the cabin

Recently, my sister came up for a visit. Her main goal was to check in on our father. Sadly, his memory is slipping quite quickly and he didn't even know who either of us was this week.

While Suzanne was here, we took a jaunt across the state over to Idaho and spent a few days at their cabin. It was such a treat to spend a few days enjoying our extended family and the gorgeous lake. As an added bonus, our niece Emily drove up from Lewiston, which is where she goes to college. On top of that, one of my brothers (Drew) drove over, too. We read, played games, threw rocks into the lake, went for walks, and relaxed. It was lovely! This was Conor's first trip to the cabin, so that made things extra special. :)

Annika took this picture of Emily

Drew and Annika in the hammock

Suzanne, Conor, and Emily

Annika taking in the sights



Mama and Annika

Pretty girl!

Emily reading to Annika

Emily and Conor

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