Friday, July 2, 2010

Today's a new day

Yesterday was my first day back in the office. Thus, it was Conor's first day at day care. It was a rough day. My maternal instinct and my need to earn a pay check weren't exactly compatible yesterday. There were tears. Conor was fine. Annika was fine. Mommy was not so fine. It all boiled down to I didn't want to leave my baby.

I called the day care at 10 and hoped to hear, "he's doing great!" I didn't. I heard that he wouldn't take a bottle. I also heard him screaming ... from the next room. It broke my heart and my will to earn a pay check. Every ounce of my being wanted to be right there with him to fix the problem. It was time to check my resolve... which was pretty pathetic, if I do say so myself. At noon, I grabbed my keys and purse and headed over to the day care. I laughed when I walked into his classroom and saw his teacher standing in front of the sink with Conor; she was waiting for him to barf because he'd already proven himself as a gold medal barfer. That's our boy!! I swooped him up and fed him ... ahhh! We were both relieved. After eating lunch, Conor fell asleep in my arms; I was one happy mama at that point.

Our sweet lamb was so tired from his first day at "school", that he slept from 6 PM until 1 AM. He completely skipped his 9 PM feeding. We were up again a little before 5 for another feeding and for me to start my early morning work shift.

Glad we're looking at a 4-day weekend. It'll be wonderful to be with the kids all day for a few days straight. Counting down!!

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