Sunday, August 30, 2009

How is August almost done??

It doesn't seem possible that September is knocking on the door! We've had lots going on since my last post (sorry there was such a lull!); read on...

We spent a long weekend visiting our family in Kennewick, which was a lot of fun. We relaxed (hurray!) and enjoyed the slower pace of country life. Eric and his brother spent a good chunk of the weekend building a pulley system to hoist a big rafting frame up to the garage ceiling. All seemed to be going well until it came crashing down once the guys thought the project was done (oops); fortunately, no one was hurt! Annika had a great time doing laps in their raft while it was parked in the driveway. It basically doubled as a bouncy house for her; it was great! She also learned how to feed the horse carrots; she renamed the horse "Carl" (his name is Jarl).

Since my last blog post, I also started a new job as a writer/editor for a company that makes hand-held ultrasound equipment. I've put in just over a week there and really enjoy it. I've primarily focused on editing the content for their new website that will launch very shortly. I do have a bit of a drive, but I go the opposite way of rush hour traffic, so it isn't too bad.

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